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Alfa specialises in innovation with in  pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products.

A key core value of Alfa is that it remains a science-driven and family-owned company that believes responsible innovation is the growth engine. Human connection, communication, and our agility are all central to our constant and never-ending improvement.

Alfa’s products comprise of prescription drugs, over the counter (OTC) drugs and nutraceuticals. The products, which are sold exclusively in pharmacies, are used to treat the central nervous system, diabetes, oncology, heart disease, COPD, mental health, dermatology, eye conditions, and women’s health amongst many other therapeutic segments.

Alfa pharma GmbH is based in Heppenheim, Germany – a short 30-minute drive from the Frankfurt airport. Alfa’s comprehensive EU network coupled with our innovative product ideas provides the foundation for Alfa to develop solutions to some of the most important medical needs that are brought to our team, whilst also forecasting the medical needs of the future. For example, Alfa has identified gaps in medical services provided to a growing and increasingly ageing population. Accordingly, Alfa strives to improve people’s quality of life by preventing, alleviating, and treating diseases.

Alfa focuses on the complete Pharmaceutical value chain, from API, to the finished product sales via our portfolio of products. Alfa is growing its network at a rapid pace and is excited at the prospect of collaborating with new partners across Europe, Asia, MENA and LATAM. We welcome the opportunity to partner with like-minded people to form a consortium of product concepts across all therapeutic areas and platforms as Alfa steps into the future.

Vision & Mission

Alfa specialises in innovation within pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. With our extensive portfolio offering, we are working to find solutions to some of the major challenges of our time.

Our aim is to be recognised for our unique position in the markets we cater to. Alfa’s mission is to create value for our business partners whilst also strengthening the company’s capacity to increase revenue.

Alfa is committed to operating sustainably and exceeding our social and ethical responsibilities with the interests of all of our stakeholders in mind.

In fulfilling our mission, we are guided by our company values which can be summarised as leadership, integrity, flexibility, efficiency and quality. These values are integral to everyone at Alfa and create a common thread amongst our innovative employees whilst providing a sense of greater purpose.


Innovation Is Our Growth Engine 

At Alfa we translate science and technology into internal innovation and external partnerships with the goal to change lives. Now, more than ever,we strive to ensure that our technology is ahead of the curve when it comes to the digitisation of our industries, especially when it comes to generic products.


Active ingredients and modern technology as per EU GMP norms

Many of the components used in Alfa’s health products are natural and chemical active ingredients. Their positive effect in the human body depends on their quality and treating them carefully during the process of turning them into medicine or a food supplement. Alfa ensures them to meet according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines.

These high stanards extend to our affiliates and partners as well. Our affiliate’s quality control group is involved throughout the entire development process, from drug substance and raw material control, through intermediate drug product testing to finished drug product release testing and stability studies. The group implements the principles of “quality by design” (QBD) and “Design of Experiments” at all aspects.

Our affiliate’s research facility and manufacturing site are fully compliant with cGMP MHRA, and EU GMP requirements and house a number of new technological solutions. This allows us to assist our partners in the developments of challenging and value-added products for the global market. Our permanent improvement program includes continuous investments in ultramodern equipment and extensive training of our personnel.

Alfa, like every pharmaceutical company, is regularly inspected by regulatory authorities to ensure that the product quality complies with German and EU guidelines.

These quality assurance standards were developed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for various pharmaceutical processes a number of years ago . Good manufacturing practice is thus an established part of quality assurance and ensures that products are manufactured responsiblyin line with appropriate quality standards and are tested so that they are safe and fit for the health application purpose that was intended.

Certified quality of the source materials 

The certified quality of the source materials used in Alfa’s products are just the start.Alfa’s entire product range, which includes prescription medicine, over-the-counter medicine, medical devices and food supplements, are all manufactured and inspected in-house in line with best practice and legal requirements.

Alfa’s suppliers of active ingredients, such as chemical or plant extracts, meet Alfa’s high quality requirements. These certified suppliers are strategically selected in accordance with Alfa’s high quality standards and inspected regularly. Whether the extracts are derived from within Europe or beyond, they are all manufactured and processed to meet the required Europeanstandards.

Following the rules of nature and EU norms

The active ingredient alone is not yet a medicine or a food supplement. Before an active ingredient or a mixture of ingredients can be placed on the market, the substances must be converted into a pharmaceutical form. At Alfa, we guarantee constant and verifiable quality for all products by ensuring our partners meet the specified manufacturing parameters and compiling comprehensive documentation of the validated manufacturing processes. Alfa, like every pharmaceutical company, is regularly inspected by the authorities to ensure that product quality complies with the German- and EU-guidelines.

Our formulation and manufacturing policies

As a quality conscious organisation, we are committed to meet or even exceed our customer’s expectations by maintaining high standards in all our activities, services, products and processes.

Our affiliate’s quality control group is involved throughout the entire development process, from drug substance and raw material control, through intermediate drug product testing, to finished drug product release testing and stability studies. This group implements the principles of “Quality by Design” (QBD) and “Design of Experiments” at all aspects.

Our affiliate’s research facility and manufacturing sites are fully compliant with cGMP, MHRA, and EU GMP requirements and house a number of new technological solutions. This allows us to assist our partners in the development of challenging and value-added products for the global market. Our permanent improvement program includes continuous investments in ultramodern equipment and extensive training of our personnel.


At Alfa we value sustainable and long-term partnerships.

Alfa is a medium-sized family business with headquarters in Heppenheim, Germany and strong roots in the EU, Asia and African markets.

We are specialised in innovative and generic pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. Our focus lies in scientifically substantiated products for the prevention and treatment of diabetic comorbidities, oncology, neurological diseases, heart diseases, COPD, Mental Health, Dermatology, and eye conditions as well as for women’s health.

With our own sales force and highly qualified employees, we visit doctors and pharmacists worldwide.

We are open to exploring strategic partnerships with a focus on:

  • Licensing
  • Co-development
  • Co-commercialisation


Our current therapeutic areas of interest are:

  • Anti-infective
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Dermatology
  • Diabetes
  • Immunology
  • Oncology
  • Ophthalmological
  • Pain Management and
  • Respiratory

European and growth market opportunities

With respect to the European markets, we are looking to market products that leverage our existing portfolio and commercial platforms. Whilst we are prioritising products in the pre-registration and commercial stages, we are open to assisting new partners in obtaining late-stage drug approval in Europe and assisting in building a value-proposition for its pricing, market access and reimbursement. Region-wide deals are our bread and butter. However, we are also well versed in country-by-country distribution, co-marketing or co-promotion arrangments. WE offer broad commercial coverage, and excellent relationships with members of our pharmaceutical network.

Alfa’s growth market region includes the Middle East, Africa, LATAM and Asian markets. For those markets and others, we are looking to expand our range of products for our business partners to market and distribute.

Please feel free to send us your opportunities through the email below. We are committed to providing timely feedback.



Ilias Mohammed

Managing Director

Ilias has wide-ranging experience, having worked for large pharmaceutical companies including Bayer, BioNTech, ZS Associates, and Woerwag Pharma with a focus on business development & corporate strategy. He successfully executed several licensing deals and formed strategic alliances with large and small-mid-sized pharmaceutical companies, and managed several M&A transactions. Academically, Ilias holds an MSc. in “Information and Communication Engineering” from Duisburg-Essen University, and an executive MBA from St. Gallen University, Switzerland and Rotman Business School, Canada.

Florian Gross

Director Finance and Accounting

Florian Gross has over 19 years of experience in finance and accounting (“Steuerberater” in Germany). He worked independent since 2009 – first with the Katharina Fladung & Florian Groß GbR and since 2011 with the Gross Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH. Academically Florian holds a M.B.A, business manager (Diplom Kaufmann, FH – Schwerpunkt Steuer- und Revisonswesen) from Fachhochschule der Wirtschaft Nordrhein-Westfalen GmbH (Paderborn, Germany).

Joachim Prangenberg

Corporate Strategy & Sales Advisor

As a business administration graduate, Joachim gained 35 years of experience in the Healthcare industry, having reprised various leadership roles in Accounting and Sales in Germany. Joachim went on to establish Barme GmbH, a mid-sized health care company and oversaw its success as the Managing Director over 20 years. In 2002 he was chosen to be a finalist by EY in the “Entrepreneur of the year Germany” competition. Joachim’s vast experience in the industry, as well as his extensive network will be fundamental to Alfa’s growth.

Dr. Ayad Azzi

Regulatory Affairs Advisor

Ayad is a Drug Regulatory Affairs Expert with more than 11 years of firsthand, strong RA experience focused on the Middle East North Africa Region, and the Emerging Markets in general. He acquired his experience while working in Germany and Lebanon within local, regional and global pharmaceutical organizations, such as Merck Sharp & Dohme and Wörwag Pharma, on products ranging from food supplements and generics to innovative small molecules and biotech. He successfully obtained MA Approval for numerous new products, optimized the Regulatory strategies for the MENA region and well managed the related Regulatory submissions (LCM; Variations, Renewals, other RA submissions). Ayad holds a PharmD degree from the Saint Joseph University in Beirut, Lebanon.

Shadab khan

Managing Director of Investments

With a degree in business administration, Shadab brings more than 12 years of experience in various investments and building up firms. Combines experience and expertise in strategy, management, finance, and consulting to provide high level analytical and problem-solving skills using creative approaches. He brings the ability to summarise and simplify complex concepts for internal and external stakeholders in dynamic environments.

Prashant Chandra

Director of Portfolio and CDMO
Managing Director Alfa India

Prashant has studied business administration and brings over 22 years of rich experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He successfully managed sales which span to setting up new business with speciality and biotech portfolio, CRM functions, channel management, DTC and sales team optimization. His international business prowess honed with IMS Health, IPCA Laboratories and Wockhardt Ltd. over years. He also has extensive experience with establishing the CDMO vertical, which included management of research and development activities, contract manufacture sites, technology transfers, vendor management, regulatory dossier remediation and submissions and other ancillary activities.

Gurmeet Singh

Procurement Director

Gurmeet Singh has made a significant contribution to the pharmaceutical industry. He comes with over 30 years of unique, innovative, and has contributed significantly to the competitive advantage of Ranbaxy, Wockhardt, Orchid Pharma, Midas Pharma GmbH, Max India, and Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative. His expertise lies in forming Strategic Alliances, Global Sourcing, Procurement, Supply Chain, and Logistics. His skill sets in negotiating Global Supply Contracts, Contract Manufacturing, Sales, and Marketing of APIs have given all the organizations he has worked for great leverage to strengthen their position in the operating markets of India, LATAM, the US, Canada, Europe, and ANZ. He has also been a speaker at various UBM forums to deliver presentations on Pharma-related topics. He is a Post-Graduate in Management and a bachelor in Law.

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