Alfa iRelieve

Alfa iRelieve

  • Product type: EU Class IIa medicinal medical device
  • Registration: Europe
  • Application: Gastroenterology – Diarrhoea
  • Dosage form: xxx
  • Recommended dosage: Adults & children > 6: 1 sachet up to 3 times per day and children 1-5 years 1-2 sachets per day
  • Manufacturing counties: Italy

1.  Overview of the advantages of Alfa iDrops

  • Contains a natural clay (Diosmectite) with a high surface area
  • Works by the adhesion of water molecules to the surface of the Diosmectite. Active ingredient can absorb up to 8 times its own weight in water.
  • iRelieve is not absorbed into the intestine.
  • Suitable for the whole family, from children (> 1 year) through to adults.
  • iRelieve is clinically proven. It has an orange flavor

2.  Composition 

A single 3.25g sachet of iRelieve contains Diosmectite 3g. Also, it contains: Orange flavor, citric acid, silicon dioxide, acesulfame K, sucralose.

3.  Clinical Evidence
4.  Marketing Data
5.  Technical Data

  • Dosage form: xxx
  • Primary packaging: xxx
  • Secondary packaging: xxxx 
  • Net weight: xxx
  • Shelf life: xxxx.