Alfa Cogneu

Alfa Cogneu

Clinically proven herbal product for cognitive functions

  • Product type: Nutraceutical
  • Registration: Europe
  • Application: Mental Health – Cognitive function
  • Dosage form: Capsule or tablet
  • Strength: French grape & Wild berry 300 mg
  • Recommended dosage: Two capsules per day
  • Manufacturing counties: Italy, France, Poland

Other presentation includes French grape + wild berry 150 mg, Bacopa, Vitamin B12 and Iodine

Having signs of age-related cognitive decline? Searching for memory boosters to perform better?

1.  Overview of the advantages of Alfa Cogneu 

  • Patented and clinically tested formulation of selected French grape and wild blueberry dry extracts
  • Bioavailable ingredient with synergic action
  • Product is supported by a patent and 10 scientific studies
  • 6 epidemiologic studies on 30.000 subjects showed that polyphenols notably flavonoids have positive effects on cognition. These flavonoids are largely present in grapes and blueberries
  • 4-years of research and numerous tests, an optimal composition was developed
  • The ingredient is already twice awarded

2.  Clinical evidence

Product is supported by a patent and 10 scientific studies

  • Tested during 6 months on more than 200 healthy people. Results have shown a decrease of verbal memory loss by 2.5; a 10 year reverse up of brain again; and an improvement by 60% of short-term memory, by 170% of recognition memory and by 50% of episodic memory performances.
  • Product efficacy has been clinically confirmed on 215 healthy seniors (aged 60-70) for 6 months gold standard study, bi-centric, randomized, double blind and placebo controlled. The results showed improvement of long-term memory, supports working memory, and promotes learning. Also, the study realized on students confirms the effectiveness perceived on memory, concentration and learning.

3.  Technical data

  • Dosage form: xxx
  • Primary packaging: xxx
  • Secondary packaging: xxx
  • Net weight: xxx
  • Shelf life: xxx